This blog is a simple project of collecting some wayward items of baseball’s past from old newspaper stories and presenting them here for the enjoyment and edification of baseball fans everywhere. Not all these stories and anecdotes are pleasant; in fact, most of the most popular ones have involved death and/or violence. But browsing around the blog will unearth some worthy nuggets of information about players both great and obscure: from the troika of Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams to David Palmer, Lena Blackburne, and Cliff Young.

There’s a bit of a focus on baseball in the ’80s and early ’90s, but the pictures and excerpts from old newspaper articles date to the Cubs in 1908 and on back into the 1800s. Essentially, if I find some interesting material about a baseball topic–not necessarily MLB, and it seems worthwhile to work up into a post here, I’ll do that. I’ve generally avoided trying to comment on/interpret the material in the articles, because there’s already more than enough baseball opining to be found elsewhere online.

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  1. I am looking for late 1940s early 1950s amateur baseball footage. I am doing a documnetary on a player who went to Korea and was wounded and lost the chance to continue his career but had a big impact on baseball and young people. California footage would be best. Old PCL or Ventura baseball.


  2. I wonder if you keep the lie going that Jackie Robinson was the first person to integrate baseball in the 20th century. He was not the first or the second not even third. It is just baseballs way of keepng a lie going. We all know how much the higher ups on baseball lie to the populous.. They are bigots and have always been that way.

  3. Love the site. Very well researched and informative. Congrats.

    Any chance you’d like info sent to you about the 500 retirees w/o MLB pensions?

  4. I am currently writing the biography of Joe Cambria, super scout for The Washington Senators of the 30’s-40’50’s and 60’s. Quite obscure but had a significant impact on both MLB and world history. I hope you’ll enjoy my book when it comes out. Paul Scimonelli

  5. Does this site take subscriptions; cost, et.al.?

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