The Minnesota Twins: A History of Home Runs

The 1965 Minnesota Twins hit 150 homers, with Harmon Killebrew leading the team with a low-for-him 25, six players with more than 15 homers, and four with 20 or more homers. This team’s 102 wins has the franchise record.

The 1987 Twins hit 196 homers, had three players hit more than 30 homers, and had a fourth player, Kirby Puckett, hit 28 homers.

The 1991 team hit 140 homers, and had one player hit 29 homers and another hit 20 homers.

In many seasons after 1987, the Twins had no 30-homer players. The 2006 team, which has the most regular season wins of any post-1991 Twins team, had two with 30+ homers: Torii Hunter and Justin Morneau.

The 2019 team, currently on pace for 98 wins, two more than the 2006 team, already has six players with 20 or more homers, and two with more than 30 homers. The team has 244 homers, and is on pace for about 310 for the season. It should wind up with the same 11 double-digit homer hitters it has currently; by comparison, the 1991 Twins had five double-digit homer hitters.

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