Some Hank Aaron Stats

Aaron, you may already know, wore #44. He hit 44 homers in a season 4 different times. Three of those 44-homer seasons led the National League. In 1963, he stole 31 bases to go with 44 homers, making him an early member of the 30-30 club. In 1973, he hit 40 homers despite playing in just 120 games.

Aaron’s only 9 seasons of double-digit steals were in 9 consecutive years, 1960-68, the middle of his career. He drew 92 walks, a career high, in 1972, in just 129 games. Aaron’s best bids for a Triple Crown were in 1957, 1959, and 1963. In 1959, he had 39 homers, 123 RBIs, and led the NL with a .355 batting average. He finished third in homers and RBIs that year.

Also: the 1969 Braves won the NL West, but are little remembered because the Mets won the pennant and Series. Aaron hit 3 homers and had 7 RBIs as that Braves team was getting swept in the NLCS in 3 games.

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