Jim Tobin, Only MLB Pitcher to Hit 3 Homers in a Game He Pitched

Jim Tobin pitched for three different franchises, in both leagues, and was a workhorse. After leading the league in complete games twice, innings pitched once, and losses once, his career ended pretty abruptly, without the tailoff in quality and/or durability that you expect, looking over his stats leading up to his final year. His last MLB game was in the 1945 World Series, and he was on the winning side of that Series: the Tigers beat the Cubs in 7 games. A very good hitter (for a pitcher), with a peak of 6 homers in a single season, he pinch-hit occasionally throughout his career.

You might have the impression that he was a bad pitcher who made up for it with his durability and hitting. Well, he did make an All-Star game, almost always posted an ERA at the 3.xx level, and came close to a .500 career record despite usually pitching for bad teams that hardly anyone remembers now. You can read Tobin’s stats at http://www.retrosheet.org/boxesetc/T/Ptobij103.htm

Tobin had a day at the plate that rivals, or perhaps is, the greatest that a pitcher has ever had in a game he was pitching. He hit 3 homers for the Boston Braves in a game on May 13, 1942, as the Braves beat the Cubs, 6-5. Tobin’s last 2 homers tied the game, then put Boston ahead, 6-4. And, he pitched a complete game for the win. He died quite a while ago, before many fans were born, and I do not know why his MLB career ended so suddenly.

Also: Tobin threw 2 no-hitters, but one is not “legal” under MLB’s current rules, because the game was ended after 5 innings.

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  1. Never heard of him. Reminiscent of Tony Cloninger of 65 Braves Fame hitting 2 Grand Salamis as A Pitcher though. In a Game.

  2. Impressive…

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