A Note on W.P. Kinsella and Field of Dreams

This is from the biography on Kinsella’s own website: “Ironically, Kinsella had originally called the novel Dream Field, a choice which was overruled by his editor of the day.”

What would the response to Shoeless Joe, as the novel was finally named, and Field of Dreams have been if the original title had stuck?

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  1. Well, the book itself is pretty poor — I read it back about 10-12 years ago, and the prose is just turgid. Good story but poor writing.

    The Hollywood story retitled the book from “Shoeless Joe” and made a much better production out of it. I suspect the movie would have been just as good no matter what the original manuscript was called.

  2. Doesn’t Dream Field sound like an amusement park attraction or some other low-grade entertainment? Field of Dreams has an imaginative ring to it and gets at the longing that inspires the building of the field.

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