Babe Ruth and Stephen Curry

Some people have said that Stephen Curry’s 2015-2016 season, in terms of shooting (and making) 3-pointers, was similar to Babe Ruth hitting great bunches of home runs in the early 1920s, in that both showed the rest of the league a new way to play offense. Here are a few comparisons between Curry and the Warriors in 2015-16, as they related to the rest of the NBA, and Ruth and the 1920 Yankees, as they related to the rest of major league baseball.

In 15-16, the Warriors made 1077 3-pointers, while the NBA as a whole made 20,940. The Warriors made 5.14% of the NBA’s 3s. Second in the NBA was the Cavaliers, who made 880 3s. 1077 of the Warriors field goals were 3s, out of 3489 total field goals. The 1920 Yankees hit 115 homers, while the 16 MLB teams hit 630 homers total. 2nd in MLB in homers was the Philadelphia A’s, with 64. The Yanks had 1447 hits, and MLB had 23,275 hits total.

In 1920, Ruth hit 54 homers, and in 15-16, Curry hit 402 3 pointers. The previous records had been 29 homers hit by Ruth in 1919, and Curry’s 286 3-pointers in 14-15.

After the 15-16 season, the “Splash Brothers”-Curry and Klay Thompson-have the four highest 3-point seasons in NBA history. The record for a non-Splash Brother is Ray Allen, 269, in 2005-06 with the Sonics. Thompson had 276 3s this year, and James Harden, with 236, was 3rd. Second in the AL in homers in 1920 was George Sisler, 19, and Cy Williams led the NL with 15 for Phillies.

It took until 1922 in the NL for someone to hit more than 25 homers-Rogers Hornsby hit 42. It took until 1931 (Gehrig tied with Ruth at 46 homers) for someone besides Ruth to hit more than 40 homers to lead the AL.

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