The Best Player of the 1970s

Some of the players who come to mind as possibly the best of the decade are: Seaver, Reggie, Stargell, Morgan, Pete Rose, Carlton, Carew, Bench, Nolan Ryan, Schmidt. Without looking up stats, I’d guess Seaver, or maybe Carlton, was the best, as Seaver was in his prime pretty much throughout the decade. Briefly looking at the stats, Seaver did win 178 games, with a 2.61 ERA, from 1970-79, but I’m not seeing a place that ranks players of the ’70s by WAR or any other comprehensive stat. This article nominating a ’70s All-Star team helps flesh out the debate.

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  1. Interesting article via the link. Interesting that Cedeno was on that list. For a couple years he looked like a lock for Cooperstown, but the shooting, injuries and being stuck with a manager like Leo Durocher (who could ruin players with the best of them; see Reiser, Pete) combined to make him a shell of what he could’ve been.

    I guess I’d have to go with Joe Morgan. There wasn’t anything the man could not do exceptionally well and he was remarkably consistent throughout the decade.

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