The End of Mark McGwire’s 1998 70-Homer Season

These photos of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of September 28, 1998, are some reminders of the days when McGwire was a legend in his time. This was the cover of the Dispatch-not the sports section, the front section:

An inside photo:
And a tie-in with the Post-Dispatch’s online offerings:

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  1. People who believe McGwire should be banned from Cooperstown for using them (and what PED improves a batter’s hand/eye coordination?) need to be reminded how the game’s public standing was swirling in the toilet bowl after the 1994 strike. Ripken breaking Gehrig’s record in 1995 helped momentarily, but it wasn’t until McGwire and Sosa duked it out to break Maris’ record three years later that many fans truly embraced the game again.

    As much as folks declare steroids the ruination of baseball, they sure saved it in 1998.

  2. Saved it temporarily, perhaps. The same way that someone on the outs who fakes or stages a heroic rescue (remember George Zimmerman?) looks good… until the true story is revealed.

    I too was caught up in the McGwire/Sosa mania of 1998. But, to quote a wise old American orator… “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… … … … won’t get fooled again.”

  3. Attendance hasn’t really dropped since, even after the Mitchell Report was released, so I’m not sure it was a temporary fix.

    Admittedly, 1998 was the year Arizona and Tampa Bay entered MLB, but I remember how the McGwire/Sosa race fired up the general public. The revelations of steroid use turned opinion against the players accused of it, but people didn’t stay away from the ballparks like they did in 1995. It was about 50 million for MLB that year but since ’98, it’s been 70+ million every year but two.

    Who WAS that wise old orator? Pete Townshend?

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