Who’s the Best Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher?

Kershaw, Hershiser, Drysdale, Koufax: those are probably the four best LA Dodger pitchers, albeit with a sidelong glance at Don Sutton, Fernando Valenzuela, Bob Welch, and Tommy John. The question here is: how do you rank Kershaw, Hershiser, Drysdale, and Koufax? If you put Koufax or Drysdale first (baseball-reference’s WAR stat puts Drysdale at #1, Koufax at #2), what would Kershaw have to do to take over the #1 spot?

Also, does Zack Greinke have a chance of elbowing his way into the Dodger pantheon-assuming he decides to resign with the team?

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  2. No way in hell I’d rank Drysdale over Koufax. Too bad this list doesn’t include Brooklyn Dodgers, because then I’d include Dazzy Vance way up on the list.
    My all-time L.A. Dodgers pitching list would be:
    1) Koufax
    2) Kershaw
    3) Drysdale
    4) Sutton
    5) Hershiser
    6) Valenzuela
    7) Greinke (he can definitely move up on this list if he re-signs.)
    8) Tommy John

  3. Could use some numbers here for easy reference. Hershiser’s peak was shorter than everybody remembers. Kershaw still has to be below Drysdale at this point; give him 6-7 more peak years as a Dodger and he’ll probably jump into #2. Koufax only had 6 good years, but those years were just about better than everyone else who ever lived. Greinke’s only a hired gun at this point, no more a “Dodger” than Kevin Brown; if he resigns then maybe he gets a slot here.

  4. I think of Hershiser as a top 4 pitcher, mainly because he delivered the ’88 World Series for LA. It’s the peak vs. career debate: Sutton did more for longer for the Dodgers, but how many people really remember what he did for them?

  5. I’d put Vance in there too, but this is a LOS ANGELES Dodgers thing.

    And as for Kershaw getting to #1, maybe utterly dominating hitters for four years the way Koufax did from 1963-66? Clayton’s had some great years and I could see him ending up at #2 on this list, but Sandy was off-the-charts at his peak, even more so than Ryan because batters knew Koufax was going to throw strikes and they still couldn’t do a thing with him.

  6. I rank KOUFAX #1 and no body else close. Yes he only had 5 years. But it was arguably the greatest 5 year stretch any baseball player has ever had. And then he retired. In his prime.

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