The 1942 AL Batting Leaderboard

Here, from Baseball-reference, is a screenshot of the American League leaders for four significant batting categories in 1942 (click the image to get a bigger version):

My question is: how many of these names do you recognize? About half of the names in each category are not familiar to me, and that’s probably because 1942 was a war season.

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  1. I’m sure I would know more of them, if could read them. Some body stole my microscope,

  2. Yes, there certainly are some unfamiliar names among these leaders. Interesting post from the WWII era.
    Thanks, Bill

  3. Even though Pearl Harbor happened 12/7/41, baseball didn’t really start losing a LOT of players until after the 1942 season when it became apparent more men were needed for the war. By April 1945, MLB was pretty much decimated but most of these guys in ’42 were reasonably well-established ballplayers if not stars.

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