The Batting Stances of Ichiro and Frank Thomas

Here are two photos of Ichiro and Frank Thomas in the batter’s box that I took in 2008. First Ichiro:



And the Big Hurt:


Notice Ichiro at the front of the box, back leg at mid-plate, his body torquing as he takes a pitch. Ichiro, in his stance and torquing motion, was set up for shifting his body toward first base as he hit the ball. Hence all of his infield hits. The tradeoff was that he didn’t put himself in a great position to drive and launch the ball. Frank Thomas was at the back of the box, body crouched, poised: ready not to run toward first but to put his full leverage into the swing.

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  1. Nice photos and analysis.

  2. With his sort of running start when he hit, I had always been under the impression that Ichiro started farther back in the box. What an interesting revelation.

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