Carl Yastrzemski’s Retirement and Last Game in 1983

This, from the Boston Herald, is a photo of Yaz saying “New England, I love you” after getting the last hit (a single) of his big league career, on October 2, 1983:


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  1. You know, I’ve never been able to figure out if Yaz was underrated or overrated. He’s kind of like one of the less familiar Roman emperors who accomplished much, but just hasn’t come down to us as either God-like, or villainous.

  2. Great find. I love the old pics.

  3. Yaz was disliked by many in his day (this is reflected in “Ball Four”). I think, 30+ years later, it’s hard to remember why. He may have been grumpy and aloof and not great with the kids and fans, but that behavior seems positively benign compared to the Roses and Bonds and Vince Colemans and Carl Everetts of the world that have come after him.

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