The Nine No-Hitters of the San Diego Padres

At the end of June, the San Diego Padres were nearly no-hit by Mike Montgomery, a little-known rookie pitcher for the Mariners. I knew the Padres had never achieved a no-hitter; a spasm of curiosity, and knowing they were recently no-hit twice by Tim Lincecum, led me to look up the occasions that San Diego’s been no-hit. Here, courtesy of Baseball-Almanac, are those 9 games:
Dock Ellis, 06-12-1970, Pittsburgh 2 at San Diego 0
Milt Pappas, 09-02-1972, Chicago 8 vs San Diego 0
Phil Niekro, 08-05-1973, Atlanta 9 vs San Diego 0

Kent Mercker (6.0 IP), Mark Wohlers (2.0 IP), Alejandro Pena (1.0 IP), 09-11-1991, Atlanta 1 vs San Diego 0
A.J. Burnett, 05-12-2001, Florida 3 at San Diego 0
Bud Smith, 09-03-2001, St. Louis 4 vs San Diego 0
Jonathan Sanchez, 07-10-2009, San Francisco 8 vs San Diego 0

Tim Lincecum, 07-13-2013, San Francisco 9 vs San Diego 0
Tim Lincecum, 06-25-2014, San Francisco 4 vs San Diego 0

And, there’s the psuedo-perfect game Pedro Martinez threw against the Padres in 1995: Pedro was perfect for 9 innings, but lost perfection in the 10th after the Expos had failed to score a run to settle things up in 9.

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  1. Padres have never tossed a no-hitter, but have been no-hit nine times? Sheesh, even the Mets have a better record than that.

  2. Oh man, how painful. Seeing a zero next to “San Diego” so many times kinda makes my heart ache for them. My brother is a Padres fan… he’s going to hate me when I show this to him.

  3. The particularly galling aspect to the Mets not having any hitters for their first 50 1/4 seasons, was the overwhelming number of no-hitters tossed by pitchers that the Mets had given up on: Seaver, Scott, Gooden… and 7 from that Ryan fellow. Have the Padres also had this bad luck?

  4. Not to mention the mediocre pitchers who threw no-hitters against the Mets, such as Ed Halicki in ’75. In fact, his no-hitter occurred exactly 30 years ago today! Giants beat the Mets 6-0. Craig Swan was the losing pitcher.

  5. Did I say 30 years ago. I meant 40. Holy crap I’m getting old.

  6. It’s interesting, the people who throw no-hitters. Bud Smith? Lincecum’s two no-hitters coming several years after he stopped being a great pitcher. And I think Sanchez has been out of MLB for a couple years. Humber with his perfect game. Bill James said on his website a little bit ago that it’s more likely for a random starting pitcher to throw a no-hitter than to have a complete game shutout with 12+ strikeouts.

  7. […] little while ago, I was replying to a comment on the fine baseball blog, Misc. Baseball, where a conversation about no-hitters as they relate to the Padres (and Mets) was taking place. […]

  8. Oh, and Humber was another Mets retread to spin a no-no. Other unikely no-no or perfecto authors: Mike Warren, Dallas Braden, Bobo Holloman, Virgil Trucks (with 2 in a season… the year he went 5-19!), Tery Mulholland (long career… as a #4 starter)…

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