“I’m a Lefebvre Belebvre!”

The Seattle Mariners issued this bumper sticker in 1989, in hopes that Jim Lefebvre’s personality and energy, and track record of winning as a player with the Dodgers in the ’60s and A’s coach in 1988, would propel the team to new heights in 1989 and beyond. It didn’t really happen: the team edged above .500 for the first time in 1991, but Lefebvre wound up getting fired after that year. Personality conflicts were the reason, I think. The slogan could be tweaked to apply to Justin Bieber as well, though his star seems to have fallen a bit in the past couple years.



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  1. Not sure Lefebvre would appreciate being associated with Justin Bieber, but then again, maybe he’s a big fan of his.
    Fun find.

  2. I recently watched a show about Lefebvre and Bruce Hurst coaching China’s baseball team to get them ready for the ’08 Olympics. Compared to his time in Seattle, Lefebvre was of course older, didn’t move as well, and didn’t speak Chinese, but you could see he brought a lot of energy and blunt honesty to the task.

  3. Boy, that’s clunky… funny, but clunky. The Mets didn’t do much better with “We’ll Play Our Hearts Out For You”, which of course they did not do, either literally or figuratively.

  4. About the only good thing to happen to the Mariners in 1989 was Ken Griffey Jr.’s debut and the beginning of his hall of fame career. Though that team did have some young talent in the form of Johnson, Vizquel, Buhner…
    Good find.

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