The First Seattle Mariners Media Guide: 1977

This is a small curiosity: the first Mariners media guide pictured the Kingdome prominently on its cover, and told everybody “We can do it together!” 38 years later, the Kingdome is long gone, and the Mariners are still trying to win their first A.L. pennant.


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  1. I love that original Mariners’ logo with the trident forming the “M”. This brings back memories of growing up in the late ’70s and having all the 1977 Topps cards, where the first crop of Mariners were all featured in last year’s uniforms, with the uniforms whited out, and that cap airbrushed onto their heads. Very, very fond memories. I’m surprised the Mariners don’t use that more today, the way most other teams continue to market their cute ’70s logos (like the Orioles cartoon bird and the Brewer’s “MB” glove).

  2. It is kind of amazing that, given all the talent that has run through Seattle, that they’ve somehow never won a Pennant. Love that old trident imagery. So ’70’s.
    Nice find,

  3. It looks like the trident was de-emphasized over the first 10 years of the M’s, then it disappeared for good in 1987. I thumbed through the guide, which is only about 80 small pages long, and it’s striking, how anonymous the players are.

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