The 20 Leading Singles Hitters in MLB History

I’ve classified the hitters who rank in the top 20 for career singles hit (seasons played in parentheses, followed by the number of singles hit). These three are the sluggers:
Hank Aaron  (23) 2294
Carl Yastrzemski (23) 2262
Stan Musial (22) 2253

These are the “singles hitters”:
Pete Rose (24) 3215
Eddie Collins (25) 2643
Cap Anson (27) 2614
Willie Keeler (19) 2513
Rod Carew (19) 2404
Tony Gwynn  (20) 2378
Nap Lajoie  (21) 2341
Ichiro Suzuki (14) 2311
Omar Vizquel (24) 2264

These are the hitters who, while not great sluggers, mixed all four kinds of hits in relatively even measure:
Ty Cobb (24) 3053
Derek Jeter (20) 2595
Honus Wagner (21) 2424
Tris Speaker (22) 2383
Paul Molitor (21) 2366
Jesse Burkett (16) 2273
Sam Rice (20) 2271
Wade Boggs  (18) 2253

I don’t have a great argument to make here, but it’s interesting to notice things like Jeter having more singles than either Willie Keeler or Rod Carew, and Aaron, Yastrzemski, and Musial being separated by only 41 singles-and, Aaron leading the group of three in singles hit.

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  1. Vada Pinson 2857 hits

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