Winning the World Series as a Yankee, or Not

The player who has the most World Series titles without getting one as a Yankee is Eddie Collins, six, three with the A’s, then one with the White Sox, and two back with the A’s. There are 12 players ahead of Collins in titles won, led by Yogi Berra with his 10 titles. Almost all of the 12 won all their titles as Yankees during the ’30s through the ’50s.

Right behind Collins with five titles, none as a Yankee, are Del Maxvill (Cardinals and A’s), Jack Barry (A’s and Red Sox), and Stuffy McInnis (A’s and Red Sox and Pirates). Reggie Jackson, Ken Holtzman, and Catfish Hunter all won five titles in the ’70s, the first three with the A’s, then two with the Yankees.

DiMaggio, with 9 World Series won in 13 seasons, has the highest percentage of titles to seasons played that I know of for any player with more than a couple titles. Fifty-five players have won at least five Series; Arndt Jorgens, Bill Dickey’s backup on the ’30s Yankees, and the last Norway-born MLB player, is the only one who did it without playing in a single Series.

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