Some of the Most Surprising pre-1960 Players to Hit an All-Star Game Homer

This is a spur of the moment list posted after I happened by a list on Baseball-Reference of all the All-Star Game homers. The pre-1960 All-Star homer hitters are:

Augie Galan, Max West, Rudy York, Mickey Owen, Vince DiMaggio (matching brother Joe’s 1), Hoot Evers, Bob Elliott, Ray Boone, Gus Bell (the only Boone and only Bell to hit an All-Star homer), Frank Malzone, Jim Gilliam.

The question that comes to my mind is: How many of these names do you recognize? I hadn’t heard of a handful of the players.

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  1. Interesting list. I’m unfamiliar with Max West, Bob Elliott, and Frank Malzone. All-Star players certainly do not always equal great players, that’s for sure.

  2. I know of Malzone, because I grew up listening to Phil Rizzuto cover Yankees games on WPIX and Malzone featured in some of his anecdotes (like if you ever catch a replay of the Bucky Dent game on ESPN Classic). I know most of the others through retro Strat-O-Matic leagues, but the name Max West I am hearing for the first time today.

    The interesting flip side is, which vaunted All-Stars today will be completely unkown entities to someone reading about the 2013 game in 50-60 years? Grant Balfour, Jason Kipnis, J.J. Hardy, Michael Cuddyer… I can’t imagine much ink is going to be spilled about these guys after their playing careers end (to the extent that any ink is spilled about them today… I thought Cuddyer was out of baseball 4 years ago…). It’s like that one year that Ken Reitz was an All-Star or Bobby Richardson and his 101 OPS+ finished 2nd in the MVP ballotting… 25 years go by and suddenly you wonder just what on earth your parent’s generation was thinking!

  3. Awesome Post, thanks for the info!

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