An Anecdote About Swede Risberg, Dutch Reuther, and the Black Sox Series

In a 1946 article for the Seattle Star, Emmett Watson talked about taking a trip down Highway 99 and getting down around the Oregon-California border:

A few miles south of Weed, Cal., a battered sign-RISBERG’S-stands out with an arrow pointing down a narrow road to the left. Below the big letters are the words “cocktails-dancing.” . . .

And driving the car, right alongside of you, is the hero of that [1919 World] series, a left-handed pitcher named Dutch Reuther, who toiled for the winning Cincinnati Reds. “It’s the same guy. He was one of the guys that sold it out.”

“At the time, everything seemed all right. But now, looking back, I can see where the fix was on. I can’t forget the way Risberg handled that double-play ball—it was awful.”

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  1. So Risberg ended up in a place called Weed, CA. Sounds about right.

  2. Risberg, who was from San Francisco, did die close to Weed, in 1975. A picture of his grave is at

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