Notes on MLB Players From a Few Large Countries

Baseball Almanac has a long list of Cuba-born MLB players. Two of the interesting names on the list are Zoilo Versalles and Sandy Amoros.

No MLB players have been born in India. One, Harry Kingman, was born in China (Tientsin), in 1892, and played ball in 1914; the one Brazilian MLB player is Yan Gomes, born in Sao Paulo in 1987; he made his debut this year. Eight MLB players have been born in Russia, most recently Victor Cole, who played some games in 1992. But before him no one until Izzy Goldstein, from Odessa, who played in 1932. Here’s the (alphabetical) list of Russian players:

Player / Born In Date of Birth / Debut Year / Final Year
Eddie Ainsmith Unknown, Russia 1890-02-04 1910 1924
Victor Cole Leningrad, Russia 1968-01-23 1992 1992
Bill Cristall Odessa, Russia 1875-09-12 1901 1901
Reuben Ewing Odessa, Russia 1899-11-30 1921 1921
Jake Gettman Frank, Russia 1875-10-25 1897 1899
Izzy Goldstein Odessa, Russia 1908-06-06 1932 1932
Jake Livingstone St. Petersburg, Russia 1875-03-22 1901 1901
Rube Schauer Odessa, Russia 1891-03-19 1913 1917

One MLB player has been born in Afghanistan: Jeff Bronkey, born in Kabul in 1965 (apparently his parents were there on a diplomatic or military assignment), relieved for the Rangers and Brewers from 1993 through 1995. Baseball-Alamanac, which lists, by country, the foreign-born MLB players from more than forty-five countries, adds that Tom Mastny is the one player from Indonesia, which has about 240 million people: he played from 2006 to 2008.

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  1. It is interesting that MLB players consistently come from the same countries, year after year. You would think that by now, with baseball well into its second century of existence, a few more players would have come from a greater variety of countries by now. Does this mean that baseball has “dropped the ball” on promoting the Game worldwide?
    Interesting info,

  2. Cuba must have a good number of players. And Puerto Rico I would imagine. I’m surprised china has such a low number. I would expect way more.

  3. After noting Italy’s success in the WBC, I see seven Italians have been major leaguers:

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