Interesting Material From the 2001 All-Star Home Run Derby Day

Barry Bonds quotes from the homer derby (via the Seattle Times): “If you’re looking to do something Mark McGwire’s done, when Mark’s twice our size, and stronger than us, it’s just unrealistic.”

“61 is history now. There’s a whole new level now. That’s 70. And that’s not going to be reached.”

“I’ve got [a] wonderful family, and I love baseball. I’m happy all the time, as much as people think Barry is unhappy. I’ve not one reason in the world to be unhappy.”

Joe Torre on making the All-Star game determine home-field advantage in the World Series: “When you consider that 90-plus percent of the players on the team are not going to be worried about where the World Series is going to be played, I think it is insignificant to even consider that.”

Albert Pujols on Ichiro: “I wish I could speak Japanese so I could talk to him and he could teach me how he hits. I’ve never seen anyone hit like he does.”

Fox’s half-page ad ahead of the All-Star game was headlined “America’s Heroes,” with Bonds in front of portraits of five players: Ichiro and Todd Helton on Bonds’s right, Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi on his left.

Dusty Baker on Edgar Martinez: “Edgar is a professional, quiet, humble giant. He’s one of the best right-handed hitters ever seen. . . . Edgar doesn’t showboat. He’s old school.”

Bonds on Ichiro: “I think what he’s brought to the game, him and Nomo, brings tears to your eyes, because this game is for all nationalities. I can’t wait until they bring Chinese players.”

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