Christy Mathewson and John McGraw

Here is the New York Times headline reporting Christy Mathewson’s death on October 7, 1925:

Compare it to the headline reporting longtime Giants manager John McGraw’s death on February 25, 1934:

There are a few things about these two biggest N.Y. Giants legends to note: McGraw began managing the Giants when he was just 29. He was the son of a drunkard whose abuse forced John out of the home. A diphtheria epidemic had killed McGraw’s mother and three of his siblings. McGraw’s first wife, Mary, died from a ruptured appendix in August 1899. Look at the SABR bio for more on him.

Christy Mathewson became president, and I believe part-owner of the Boston Braves after his playing career ended, in the relatively few years before his 1925 death. His SABR bio is also available. I’ve learned that Matty’s son was an aviator in the Army Air Corps who had a bad crash in China at some point in the ’30s, in which his wife died.

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  1. They say that McGraw, hard ass that he was, actually cried at Mathewson’s funeral. Such opposites in so many ways, yet enormous mutual respect between the two. Very much a father-son relationship. Two of baseball’s greatest characters.
    Nice find,

  2. McGraw survived four deaths in his family to strike out on his own at about 15, and became an excellent ballplayer, had his wife die, then became the Giants’ leader for three decades. He was obviously a battler in a way you can’t really imagine today.

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