Fast, Out of Control and Overpowering: Exceptional Walk+Strikeout Rates by Pitchers

I’ve put together various posts on this blog about Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and other unusually dominant pitchers. Most of these guys combined high strikeout numbers with high walk numbers, early in their careers and in some cases for the duration of their careers. With that in mind, I decided to try to find out which pitchers have had the most combined Ks and walks in a season. I didn’t find a definitive list of that statistic already made, so looked at lists of the leaders for single-season walks and strikeouts to put together what I think is an accurate top 10 list of pitchers since 1900 who have had the most Ks and walks combined, presented in table form:

And presented as a chart:

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  1. Mostly, then, Nolan Ryan was just playing catch with his various catchers. Although no-hitters are pretty cool to watch, over time how interesting can it be when the game goes walk, strikeout, walk, walk, strikeout, strikeout? Inning after inning, game after game. Yawn.
    Nice idea for a topic, though.

  2. It’s pretty incredible how many walks and Ks Ryan had in the ’70s. Every start (close to 40 per season) it was about 14 walks and Ks. I don’t know how he kept his arm together. And he was still up at 399 in ’89.

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