Exceptional Walk+Strikeout Per Inning (KWIP) Rates by Pitchers

Here are some charts of eight of the wildest and most dominant starting pitchers in MLB history, showing each year in which their rate of strikeouts and walks per inning (KWIP) rate was at least 1.35, and in most cases above 1.4. For every pitcher but Johnny Vander Meer, I’ve also provided their career average “KWIP” rate in the chart (Vander Meer’s was just 1.15).

Randy Johnson:

Nolan Ryan:

Herb Score and Sandy Koufax:

Johnny Vander Meer and J.R. Richard:

Tommy Byrne and Bob Turley:

What do we see here? Among other things, confirmation that Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan are the two most dominant wild starters of the last 50 years or so, and that Herb Score retained exceptional talent and miserable control after being hit in the eye by a batted ball in 1957. Also, a sign of why Johnny Vander Meer was able to pitch two no-hitters in a row.

KWIP is obviously similar to WHIP (walks and hits per inning), but attempts to isolate a pitcher’s power and control, much like the “three true outcomes” stat that isolates walks, strikeouts, and homers by a hitter. In a cursory search, I have not found anyone else who’s called this stat KWIP, although it’s a pretty simple and obvious ratio, so surely other people keep track of it and probably have named it KWIP.

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