Four Homers in a Single MLB Game

Here, courtesy of Baseball Almanac, is a list of the 16 men who have hit four homers in a single MLB game:
American League
Lou Gehrig 1B New York Yankees, 06-03-1932
Pat Seerey LF Chicago White Sox, 07-18-1948
Rocky Colavito RF Cleveland Indians, 06-10-1959
Mike Cameron CF Seattle Mariners, 05-02-2002
Carlos Delgado 1B Toronto Blue Jays, 09-25-2003
Josh Hamilton CF Texas Rangers, 05-08-2012

National League
Bobby Lowe 2B Boston Braves, 05-30-1894
Ed Delahanty LF Philadelphia Phillies, 07-13-1896
Chuck Klein RF Philadelphia Phillies, 07-10-1936
Gil Hodges 1B Brooklyn Dodgers, 08-31-1950
Joe Adcock 1B Milwaukee Braves, 07-31-1954
Willie Mays CF San Francisco Giants, 04-30-1961
Mike Schmidt 3B Philadelphia Phillies, 04-17-1976
Bob Horner 1B Atlanta Braves, 07-06-1986
Mark Whiten RF St. Louis Cardinals, 09-07-1993
Shawn Green RF Los Angeles Dodgers, 05-23-2002

I have no idea if it’s harder to hit four homers in a game or get a perfect game, but 21 pitchers have a perfect game, and 16 hitters have four homers in a game. Only five of the 16 hitters are in the Hall of Fame (Gehrig, Delahanty, Mays, Klein, and Schmidt), vs six of the 21 pitchers, and on the whole, I think the list of 21 pitchers is more impressive than the list of 16 hitters. And weirdly, the ’90s and 2000s saw four 4-homer games, but six perfect games, despite being two of the most hit and homer-happy decades in MLB history.

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  1. Looks like Hamilton may be on his way to another MVP award this year. Imagine what his career would have been like if he hadn’t gotten into drugs and alcohol a decade ago? He’d already be on his way to the HOF.

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