An All-Science List of Major Leaguers

This is a plain list of some major leaguers whose first, middle, and/or last names match, or come very close to, those of famous scientists. The scientists had to either be names I already recognized or people with clearly notable contributions to their fields. I’ve tried for matching last names, but if a scientist had an unusual name, I looked for ballplayers whose first or middle names matched. If you’re playing the game, you get one point for recognizing each player, and two points for recognizing the scientific connection that put him on the list.

Danny Darwin
Felix Fermin
Doc Newton
Charlie Maxwell
Thomas Edison Alston
Norman Dalton Cash
Ernie Banks
Eddie Bacon
Gary Geiger
Jeffrey Carver Barkley
Burley Bayer
Doc Watson
Pascual Perez
Harry Boyle (just one of many Boyles)
Kelvin Torve
Eddie Plank
Doug Henry
Jake Gibbs
Eddie Fisher
Vic Voltaggio
Benjamin Franklin Guiney
Linus Reinhard Frey
Gabe Kepler
Ian Snell
Bryan Harvey
Mark Hutton
Carl Hubbell

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  1. Well, This will take me about a week’s worth of research to put together. Got a few of them. Should know more, of course.
    Regards, Bill

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