A Third Set of Baseball Google Ngram Charts

I’ve seen people say that Google’s Ngram feature is addictive, and they’re right. I don’t know how much you really learn from the feature, but I asked Ngrams for some more baseball charts, and it delivered. Hopefully this will be the last set I post, because otherwise this will become a dangerous habit. This chart tracks mentions of Wrigley Field and Fenway Park-note the sharp spike after the 2004 season:

Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey:

Ted Williams and Babe Ruth:

Baseball and cricket:

Black Sox and Pete Rose, starting in 1989:

Finally, a stand-alone chart for the frequency of the term “sabermetric” starting in 1975, and showing that it starts to show up midway through 1982, when Bill James first published his almanac with a mainstream publisher:

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