Memories of Your Seattle Pilots

In the spirit of the posts of Red Sox players recounting their favorite baseball memories, and my site about the ’95 Mariners, here’s one selection from a set of memories of the Seattle Pilots. It’s a story about Joe Schultz and his Budweiser:

I had just finished my junior year at the University of Washington, and Sportservice, the company that ran the concessions, needed someone 21 years old to help with the beer sales. An ex-tavern owner named Spin was in charge of the operation, and my principal duty was to help him lift the heavy beer kegs and cart away the empties.

Before each game, I wheeled cases of beer to the two clubhouses and the press box. I was instructed to give them the cheapest beer, locally produced Olympia and Rainier, and save the more expensive Budweiser for the people who actually paid for the beer.

On my second day, this instruction was modified — I was told that when I delivered the three cases of beer to the Seattle Pilots clubhouse, one of the cases had to be Budweiser.

That was for Pilots manager Joe Schultz, whose “pound the old Budweiser” quotes can be found all over “Ball Four.” Let it be forever known, it was I, Bruce Kitts, who brought the old Budweiser to Joe Schultz each day.

— Bruce Kitts, Bothell

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