The Brooklyn Dodgers Moving to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times story reporting the news, on October 8, 1957, that the Dodgers were moving to L.A., started out like this: “At long last, we’ve got the Dodgers!”

Los Angeles had been about to get the Browns from St. Louis in 1941, but the Pearl Harbor bombing and subsequent war stopped that from happening. The L.A. media had started championing for a major league team in the mid-’20s, and 30 years later, they had one.

In response to news of the move, Burton C. Rawlins, president of the Downtown Business Men’s Association, said: “Advertising? You bet!! Every hour of the day. Pride? Surely. For there are only 16 franchises. To own one is a distinction. [The team] is an ally against juvenile delinquency and an insurance against crime. They [tourist fans] would come to the city in a holiday, frolicsome, free-spending mood and they would leave a great deal of cash behind in the restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels, gas stations, stores and in many other places.”

In an interesting anticipation of the future cable-driven sports media landscape, one L.A. Times columnist commented that for the relocated Dodgers, along with a new stadium, “another essential, perhaps, in this era of sitting room sports spectators, is pay television by wired circuit.”

You can read about opening day for the L.A. Dodgers here.

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